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really? you didn’t know?

Chadd enjoys doing impersonations of Muppet characters. No, not Fozzie…Kermit the Frog. And Miss Piggy.  

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what have i gotten myself into?

  Enter the kettle bell.  The only way Chadd can get me to work out.  Amazingly enough, it’s a practical, applicable workout for my line of work.  I’m working my way up the line…

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At the dog park, preparing to release the hound. “If you don’t let me out right now, I’m gonna JUMP.” Dogs.  Need some dogs.  Waiting for the dogs.

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better than bread crumbs

I’ve never been a big fan of the “I was here” graffiti, but this held some allure.  Probably because it must have taken a fair bit of effort, and well, sentimental fool and all. And, if you want to talk … Continue reading

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how I spent my thanksgiving day weekend

Walking on the surface of the moon. And then eating it with a spoon. You know things are finally slowing down around our house when there is homemade skyr on the menu. Even though it snowed on Friday (and Chadd … Continue reading

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the crusty bun

  Chadd and I treated ourselves this morning.  Normally, we don’t have Saturday mornings free.  But this morning, we headed over to our favourite Winnipeg bakery.  So divine, this little bit of time to ourselves.  We settled into our seats … Continue reading

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one in the same

This face.  This face in my life for five years.  Five years of hair, ears, and drool.  Impossibly lovable, and just plain impossible.  And yes, the banner photo is also him.

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