how I spent my thanksgiving day weekend


Walking on the surface of the moon.


And then eating it with a spoon.

You know things are finally slowing down around our house when there is homemade skyr on the menu.

Even though it snowed on Friday (and Chadd refused to take pictures on the grounds that the combination of white snow and green leaves was too depressing) we still managed to get a lot accomplished this weekend.  We had a restful day on Saturday, doing odds and ends; Sunday was church and dinner at Joan’s. 

But Monday, well, we put ourselves (and my dad) to work.  We cleared off our patch on the community garden.  The last of the potatoes and beets came out, then my dad had the honour of mowing down all the weeds and flowers.  He got Chadd started on the roto-tiller, and then we left him to it.  Back at the house, dad got a rolling pantry unit installed while I finished (almost) planting the front yard. 

The tulips are in.  The rose bush and lingonberry bushes are planted.  The goldenrod, the aster, and the salvia were transplanted.  I can find things in the pantry now.  I can anticipate seeing our community garden patch again in spring.

It’s a funny feeling, that sense of accomplishment.  So much, and now it’s…done.

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