Chadd and I have a long-standing (Ok, 12 year) joke that we have absolutely nothing in common.  It continues to hold true, even to our great debate that we had this morning.

Product vs. Process…which type of person are you? 

Are you the type that enjoys learning things a step at a time; having researched your project in detail; to engage yourself fully in the present; and don’t care how long something takes, as long as you are enjoying what you are doing? (Laura)

Are you the type that enjoys the big picture; the big project; learning on the fly and not caring about your mistakes as long as you learn from them; and must have an end result worthy of your effort?  (Chadd)

I’ll not regale you with the rest of the all that we do not have in common, only to say that there is balance here.  That’s why Chadd takes the photos for the blog (end result) and Laura writes the babble (details). 

And that our debate was sparked by knitting.  (Love you, babe.)


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