reading material

It has been my experience that, in a family, there will always be a dominant heritage.  Traditions, experiences or habits will be carried over by the dominant heritage, spilling into each new family from generation to generation. 

In my family, the Ukranian heritage was dominant, but in Chadd’s, all things Danish ruled supreme.  He and I truly do embrace the Danish traditions (we own a lot of teak!) but recently I’ve been doing some reading about Chadd’s other “side.” 

If you are looking for some interesting reading material, I highly recommend “The Russlander” by Sandra Birdsell.  Also recently read was “A Mennonite Odyssey” by Rhinehart Friesen, and “Anna, From the Caucasus to Canada” by Anna Reimer Dyck.

This plaque is part of a park in Steinbach; a two bench “pocket” park at the former homestead of Chadd’s grandparents.

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