that in between time

After Christmas, before New Years…that funny time where things do not get quite back to normal just yet. The tree is still up, the poinsettia is still in residence, and there are remnants of wrapping paper scraps showing up, still. The dog got into the recycling, and found all the plastic bottles of Perrier and chewed the lids off. When I found him, he was working the lid off the mayonnaise jar. There are bills to pay, and gifts to exchange. I’m still working on a Christmas present that has to be done by January 1st!

I’ve started these paperwhites, something new for the new year. And I’m looking forward to my next two months of holidays; there is a birthday coming up in January and I’ve got some sewing projects lined up. I’ll plop down on the couch with my knitting and cheer on the Olympians of 2010. And nap. In the aforementioned chair at the aforementioned time!

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