winter break

Elena and Sonja kept themselves busy by trying to break the Guiness Book of World Records for most clothes hangers hung on a person.

Chadd kept himself busy by inventing the basset back massager.

I kept myself busy by finishing a late Christmas present for my niece.

About the dress… It’s the first garment I have ever knit, and I can’t take complete credit for it. A very talented friend came to my rescue and knit on the neckband. It turns out that I am not quite up to the phrase “now pick up and knit 84 stitches around the neck of the dress…” (Many, many thanks to her for the hours she has spent with me. When the sleeves turned out HUGE, she said, “Could be you, could be the pattern. Knit them 2 sizes smaller.” And…….? Disaster averted! They fit great!) See the apple? The girls and I sorted through my grandma’s button box, and the one we came up with was from a set bought 10 years ago, by me, for a dress I made for Sonja. I like it when things turn out like that; the finishing touch.

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