odds and ends and new year’s cookies

Having two months off during winter always guarantees an odd sense of being at odd ends with myself and my productivity. I see the time off as a vast stretch of potential, in which oodles of things may be done and made. And the lists get made, and, come bed-time, a reckoning of the day, where I (mostly) fall short of what I thought I ought to have gotten done.

(The dog’s nails still need cutting. I can hear him clicking around the house…although that may be a good thing; at least it helps me keep tabs on him and the mischief he is getting into…)

And it doesn’t help that I have discovered that I am a very slow knitter. Productivity wise? Don’t give me a deadline…or a pair of anything…”Ack! They can’t be worn unless you have two?!? Come see me in a week…maybe.”

So, although I have been enjoying my Wednesday bible study group, preparing lessons for Sunday School, knitting a pair (yes, I know) of fingerless mitts for Sonja and Elena, taking the dog for walks, picking out fabric and designing a baby quilt, making suppers and all the general run around with the girls; I’m going show you something Chadd does once a year.

He mixes up the batter…

and presides over a dutch oven of hot oil…

to create crispy-chewy, deep-fried, raisin-filled heaven.

My job is to sugar-coat everything…

and the girls’ job is to run around the neighbourhood, delivering greasy bags of treats to our neighbours!

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