seize the day

Over the weekend, we had one glorious day of warm weather; it would have been impossible to stay inside. Really, we were anticipating this day of only nine-degrees-below-zero, and we ran to the Forks as soon as church was over and strapped on our skates.

We did a few laps around on the small ice-rink; stopping to adjust slouching socks and retie a skate or two…

and watching other skaters move to the rhythm of a thumping bass beat. But the best reason to go to the Forks is to skate on the river.

Going down the stairs to the river was definitely a little tricky.

Elena and Chadd skated ahead, and discovered the bannok and hot chocolate station (courtesy of the Festival du Voyageur) before Sonja and I were half way there.

We made it past the legislature and almost to the Osbourne bridge; this was our first time skating the river, so Sonja didn’t want to go too far. So many different people were out skating. Some seasoned skaters, whipping past; others were being towed on sleds behind mom and dad when their little ankles gave out; and a few “first-timers,” shrieking and tottering, but grinning, because they were still upright!

Elena insisted that we could not leave until we skated over the train bridge…so up and over we went. Sonja, on the other hand, insisted that we could not leave until we bought some maple walnut fudge…I get the best of both worlds with those two!

I think we’ll go tobogganing this weekend…

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