snowman sightings

In January! The warm weather has resulted in a very unusual phenomenon…a snowman! Normally impossible at this time of year because the snow is too dry and won’t stick, Elena was very quick to take advantage. We’ve had many compliments on our handsome fellow. His hat is courtesy of daddy.

In other ground-breaking January news, we were without water on Monday morning. The lights did a tiny, almost imperceptible flicker at 7:30 in the morning, and all at once we lost our water pressure. I yelled at the girls to quickly wash up for school, and I ran water in a small basin in the kitchen sink. And then the phone started ringing…all our neighbours.

It turns out that a car hit a pedestrian crossing light standard (in St. Boniface!) which knocked out two power distribution lines, which shut down all three water pumping stations. So, all of Winnipeg was affected, and Old St. Boniface also lost power for about an hour. It didn’t take long for the water to come back on, though, because two of the pumping stations have natural gas back-up power; so it was less than an hour of no water.

It was an interesting half-hour, though, because as city dwellers, we are entirely dependant on our city services. At one point, I was eyeing up the snow bank outside and thinking that we were very lucky to have our power on.

The warm weather has also resulted in some spectacular displays of hoar-frost. No pictures…Chadd has an awful head-cold, which prevents him from venturing out to take photos. But it was beautiful; and our snowman was officially christened “Frosty,” because he was covered in hoar-frost as well!

More news…we got a new mattress and box-spring. And I finished knitting Sonja’s mitts today. I told you, January is an exciting month.

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