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Well, at least I’m warm!!!

Winter is hibernation time for me, but I am occasionally spotted out-of-doors in my toasty warm Canada Goose parka. Almost makes it worth going outside…

But I really do think Elena is experiencing a bit of cabin fever. She’s getting into the most interesting situations…

and it’s getting harder and harder to keep her busy!

Our family outing last night was at Sonja’s first band concert. What a show! What a wonderful cacophony! The Grade 7 band was a compilation of all the band students from four schools, and they had only been playing their instruments since the end of September. It was so exciting to hear all the instruments come together to make such wonderful music. Of course, having my own motherly bias, I loved the tuba section! Seeing my slim, blonde girl, holding her own beside her fellow burly, male tubists just about brought me to tears; it was so sweet. We can hardly wait for the upcoming performance in May!

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