pick up and knit

Do you know what this is? It’s 13 millimetres per hour. Roughly calculated after I measured my progress and realized that I had knit 4 centimetres of a tuque in 3 hours.

Do you know what else this is? Scary. I put off starting this project; I was absolutely sure I wasn’t even going to be able to manage the braid. And it’s on three needles. And I’ve never done colorwork before.

I don’t remember why I decided to start knitting. I had been thinking that it would probably be a good use of all the hours that I log during dance class and baseball season; and then someone offered to teach me. I didn’t think I would be awful; after all, I’ve got generations of knitters behind me. (Is it possible to inherit the knitting gene?) So I got started. Methodically. A 7 foot long garter stitch scarf. Another scarf, but in simple lace. And another scarf, with short row edging. A cowl (but now I’m working in the round). Three more cowls. At this point, Chadd asks me if I’m going to be churning out neck warmers for the rest of my life. Inspired (to kick him in the shins), I made a dress for my niece. Remember? That was scary, too.

And now? Two pairs of wrist warmers, a tuque and a pair of mitts later; well, there are still cables and socks to conquer.  Knitting is brain food…it’s learning, creating, and challenging…with a finished project at the end.  And I think I’d better keep practicing so I can pick up the pace a little!

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2 Responses to pick up and knit

  1. Francesca says:

    I LOVE red & gray :)

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