the hippo and the dog

There are these last few weekends in April; where we have no plans, and no set schedule. No mad rush here and there, and so we enjoy as imagination and inspiration take us.

The weather has been bliss. There is really no wonder why spring is not the most favourite season among Manitobans; we usually don’t get one. Everyone in the neighbourhood rushed outside this weekend to walk the dog, play frisbee, ride bikes, play baseball, and go jogging. Elena and I sat on the front lawn. Elena started playing with twigs. We added some yarn. Soon, a hippopotamus was running a race.

He won.

And what else can you do outside with warm sun, a warm breeze, a tub full of water and a dirty, smelly dog at your disposal?

I don’t think he saw that coming.

But he will put up with anything, as long as there is someone standing close by, doling out sausage treats!

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