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So nice to see clear skies again…

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planting the garden

We opened our last jar of pickles last week.  So, while I’m putting in the garden this year, it will include a few more pickling cucumber plants.  Hopefully, I’ll get a few more jars this year. We’re so lucky to … Continue reading

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i’m fighting it

Because it’s almost a crime to get sick in the spring time.  I’m fighting it “old school” with garlic sandwiches, lemon and honey, cayene pepper and apple cider vinager, and aquavit. No, not all at the same time.

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i don’t do surveys

Sonja answered the phone for me the other day, and on the other end was a young man who wanted to know if I had time to do a survey about cellular phone service.  I was happy to oblige him.  … Continue reading

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pink snow

Some of the lawns in the neighbourhood are being covered with a pale pink blanket of petals.  The blossoms don’t last long on the rosybloom crabs, but this year was the nicest yet. Spring has come with such intensity, so … Continue reading

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in the month of may

There has been baseball games and practices, work, a band concert, a worship service, folk dance practices, two birthdays, and a cornucopia of odds and ends to tie up with various committees; all in the first two weeks of May. And … Continue reading

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the dog had a birthday

He got a present. It took him two hours to destroy it.  That’s a new record.

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