what to do when you are in NYC

Read over Hans Christian Andersen’s shoulder.

Eat a hot dog.

See some art on the street.

Make a muppet.

Go window shopping.

Go shopping.

Recognize famous landmarks.

See the Blue Jays clobber the Yankees 6 – 1, in the 11th inning.

Get lost in the crowd.

Feed the pigeons.

Laugh, cry, and applaud a wonderful musical on Broadway.

Look up.

You can also bicycle around Central Park in two hours; take a dangerously fun cab ride; visit the library; watch the locals exercise; find beautiful churches; take the subway; enjoy amazing cuisine at world class restaurants; and have your shoes show up outside your door at six o’clock in the morning, shining like new.

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2 Responses to what to do when you are in NYC

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  2. julia says:

    Wow, one day I really have to go to New York!

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