trying to find…

My poor computer. Poor me.

Everything feels a little different, and a little strange. We’ve had to resurect my old computer with a new hard drive. Ouch.

All my e-mails are gone…contacts, too.

I don’t even know what else I’ve lost, that’s the strange part. Oh, I know I’ll remember eventually. When I’m needing something, then I’ll panic. But still, it was just a computer. (And the other half of my brain.)

So, for the last few days, I’ve been keeping very busy without a computer.  My legs are still aching from the 2 1/2 hours I spent weeding yesterday. I’ve done 20 more rows on my vest.  I’ve kept the girls organized.  I’ve cooked and baked and run errands.

But, I’ve really been waiting to show off…

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2 Responses to trying to find…

  1. julia says:

    Wow! Is that a cake? What kind? Can I come over and get a taste?

    • Laura says:

      That, my dear Julia, is a Danish wedding cake, or “celebration cake,” otherwise known as kransekage. Other Scandinavian countries spell it slightly differently, but they are all made with ground almonds, icing sugar and egg whites. It’s rings and rings of baked marzipan, all held together with royal icing. So, so, soooo good!

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