You know how sometimes breakfast for dinner is a good idea? Maybe pancakes, bacon and a side of fruit?

Same idea, really.  Except æbleskiver are considered to be more of a dessert or coffee break snack.  And served with a generous topping of icing sugar, or maybe spiced apple jelly.

I don’t make them often, because “the cook” has to stand at the stove, churning out batch after batch.  And they disappear so quickly, I usually only nab some for myself after the fourth batch or so.  By this time, (unbeknownst to those who have scarfed the previous batches), the pan is now at the perfect temperature, and the æbleskiver are perfectly browned and perfectly round, and perfectly scrumptious.  So I’m not complaining.

Nothing better than dessert for dinner, Danish style.   (With a side of bacon, fruit, and coffee.  Don’t forget the coffee.)

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