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wildlife at falcon lake

You will always see deer at Falcon Lake.  Beside the sidewalk, at a camp site; deer are a common sight. You will always see chipmunks at Falcon Lake.  They are practically tame; lots of people, lots of food, and lots … Continue reading

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beach at falcon lake

Mermaid sighting! Just when you think the kids are too old for sand toys, they decide to get creative.  Our very own Little Mermaid of Falcon Lake! With legs!

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house dog

And the look on his face says:  Get this thing off my head…really, that is my head and I don’t know what you think you’re doing… My sweet indoor dog.  He spent some time outside today, keeping me company as … Continue reading

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Thank goodness everything has a season… because most of the beets and kohlrabi won’t be ready until September.  I did get enough of the beets to make borscht with a beef soup bone that I bought from the butcher.  (That … Continue reading

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It’s been a week of gathering: thoughts information supplies (school, canning) apples garden produce ingredients photos (with) friends words papers messes… Gathering it all to sort, organize, process, and ultimately have something to show for it in the end.

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Prayers and hope and love to my good friend on the birth of her baby boy (at 25 weeks.) xoxo

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week 2 — part 2

Welcome back! We begin every evening with our flag ceremony. This is mine own beautiful girl with the Danish flag; of course! There is a lot of culture to display because of the five countries associated with Scandinavia; but they … Continue reading

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