week 1

Week 1 of Folklorama kept us out and about every evening. 

One of the obligations of being a Folklorama ambassador is to visit as many other pavilions as possible during the week that your own pavilion is not performing, so there was much to see and do.

Sonja managed to visit 17 pavilions. We were very lucky to be her VIP guests, as she took in the Brazilian, Chilean, French-Canadian, Africa/Caribbean, Casa de Minho Portuguese, Croatian, Hungarian, Indo Tropical Paradise, Ireland-Irish, Italian, Mexican, Paraguay, Philippine, Romanian, Russian, Ukraine-Kyiv, and the Warsaw-Poland pavilions.

At each pavilion, there is a 45 minute show with dances and songs from the culture or country being represented; sometimes the talent will be professional, but just as often, it will be local performers.  A cultural display is also a component of the pavilion; it can feature any aspect of the clothing, textiles, traditions, geography, historical notes or day-to-day living of the country.

It’s quite interesting to see this mini world-tour.  The Hungarian bottle dance had me in awe — glass bottles!  filled with liquid!  no strings attached!  I would love to learn how to dance this one.

This, however, I’ve leave to Prince Jo-Jo of the African-Caribbean pavilion.  No fire dancing (or swallowing!) for me, thanks!

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