wildlife at falcon lake

You will always see deer at Falcon Lake.  Beside the sidewalk, at a camp site; deer are a common sight.

You will always see chipmunks at Falcon Lake.  They are practically tame; lots of people, lots of food, and lots of trees.  Easy living.

And from now on, you will always see a chipmunk-crazed dog at Falcon Lake.  Because the dog has gotten a taste for chipmunks!

And the story goes:

It was a relaxing walk by the beach boardwalk; the chipmunk was practically under the dog’s nose by the time either of them saw each other.  The chipmunk quickly makes a run for it, and up the tree he goes.  The dog was so excited, he tries to follow the chipmunk straight up the tree.  That wasn’t going to happen (he’s a basset!) so he had to settle for jumping up on the tree, mouth wide open, barking up a storm.  Well, the chipmunk is running around in the tree, but somehow, in one crazy moment, the chipmunk slips off the branch and falls straight into the dog’s open mouth.  In the furry brown blur of the next few seconds, the chipmunk launches himself out of the dog’s mouth…the dog then lunges for the chipmunk…as it makes a frantic dash for Chadd’s pantleg…who quickly dodges the chipmunk by flailing his leg in the air…and the chipmunk makes his escape into the trees.

Well, yeah.  And apparently, chipmunk tastes good.

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