I think I’m going to miss the fun when the kids are too big for costumes.  That all important question used to stress me out — What are you going to be for Halloween??? 

So I started using a new strategy…start asking in July!  Lots of time for thought, lots of time for creative ideas to start taking hold.  Some of my favourites through the years have been the viking, the space creature, the ketchup bottle, and the i pod.  Oh, and there was the boo-quet of flowers! 

I also love the creativity that goes into the making.  Here is a hand shreded, hand made vampire cloak.  One yard of fabric at $4.50.  Some hem tape that I found in my sewing box.  A couple hours the night before Halloween.  Two layers with a deep ruffle around the neck.  She loved it.  (We bought plastic teeth, but they made her gag.)

And the awesome neighbours down the block have everything else covered.  Including a fireworks show with not one, but two “grande finale!”

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