just finished

The icy bright skies showed up for only an hour or two today.  The snowfall warnings of the past few days have resulted in a beautiful (to look at!) winter blanket.  It’s been day after day of the soft fluff sifting, falling, swirling down.  Day and night.  Which has added up to a lot on the ground.  There was almost no point in grabbing the shovel. 

But  it’s been great fun for the dog.  He loves going out for very long walks and shoving his whole head into the snow drifts.  What ever scent he finds buried is obvious only to him, though!

It’s a day off school today, and this week has been really wonky because of report cards, school assignments, tests, teacher meetings and due dates.  Not to mention the snow, which has made getting around a little (lot!) more difficult and slow.  But the Jeep is managing to power through the craziness, which is why I’ve had to turn my keys over today.  I don’t mind being house-bound so Chadd can get to work.  He was even nice enough to run an errand for me:  cushion inserts from Jysk!

 I’m trying to get ready for the Christmas Market at the Scandinavian Centre.  Cushions are quick and easy for this procrastinator…uninspired procrastinator…who now has inspiration but no time.  How’s that for a catch-22?

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  1. planetcoops says:

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! Thankfully we don’t have as much snow as you – and we live on a main road which is gritted so I can still get out and about. School is still on, yay!

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