advent dec 07

“But it’s important to be happy about the little you have. However little it is, it’s infinitely more than nothing.”
Caspar went on, “In the opinion of the Kings of the Orient, God spoiled humans a bit, because He created far too much at the same time. He created so many strange things to look at that many people don’t see God. But that’s how he managed to hide Himself too. He wouldn’t have been able to do that if only four people, three trees, two sheep and eight camels existed in the whole of creation. If only one fish could be found in the sea, people would probably have noticed how perfect it was. And then they might have started asking who had made it.”
~ “The Christmas Mystery”

The dog always gets the end our ice cream cones. He definitely thinks that little is infinitely better than nothing!

But I sold only a little at the Christmas Market, which I have to admit was incredibly disappointing. So, I suppose I should apply that way of thinking, which would definitely be a better way to look at it!

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One Response to advent dec 07

  1. planetcoops says:

    Selling a little is better than selling none, as I discovered at a craft fair recently when I tried to sell cross stitch kits. Not a popular hobby round here, apparently.

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