out shopping

Yes, New York city, I wish.

Well, I did go out shopping; it felt a bit like a do-or-die attempt as I braved the slippery roads and dove into the stores.   I started at Canadian Tire (love those guys), zipped back towards home and the Canadian Footwear store, ran into the mall, and then finished up with some grocery shopping.  It ended up being a 3-hour circuit, but I think I needed to get out of the house more than I realized.

This seems to be the year I relinquish a bit more control; first the tree decorations and now store-bought wrapping paper.  When you have a sick little one who is hounding you for proper wrapping paper (not recycled magazine pages, mom) well, I had to give in.  And after I brought it home, it was carefully inspected and given a thumbs-up.

And now I’ve just got to attack that pile of presents.

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