Ok, so it’s still really cold.  And you can’t feel your face for the first five minutes.  But who can resist a good hill when you have an extra day off? 

We’ve tried to take the dog on the sliders with us, but he just likes to gallop  down the hill beside us.  He barks madly and gets ready to jump on top of the first person who wipes out.  The snow was so hard, it was best not to do a wipe out, although the view is pretty hilarious when you end upsideover and sideways.  It was so much fun; and all that good exercise, climbing back up the hill. 

Ok, this is just silly, but each of us (with the exception of the dog) is wearing something I’ve knit!  Toboggan “couture” can be deceptively casual, very mix-and-not-match, downright ugly; but at least we were warm!

Well, warm until just after the last slide down the hill, when the toes start to thaw!  (I’m still not sure how boot companies can validate the -35*C rating on their boots…is there a time limit on that?  Because at -21*C, feet should be able to stay warm for 30 minutes, right?)  All was cured with the promise of hot cocoa, so maybe the toes weren’t so bad after all!

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3 Responses to tobogganing

  1. Monica says:

    you’re out in -21C??

    I try not to go out if it’s 0C… wow… I feel like a wimp now.

    • Laura says:

      But it’s what is underneath all that “toboggan couture” that counts, too! Wool sweater, long thermal underwear, sweatpants, long wool socks, and sheepskin boots (UGGS) are all necessary. I was also wearing two pairs of wool mitts…

  2. planetcoops says:

    Goodness, I thought we had it bad getting to -15! Glad you had fun – we stayed indoors as much as possible.

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