Just so you know, that would be me.  

I’m such a stick-in-the-mud, that my husband has resigned himself to dragging me, pushing me and challenging me into new situations.  I prefer all things reassuringly repetitive.  (I even love that phrase!)

not taken with Olympus Pen

I’m not an adventure seeker…you will never find me at the end of a bungee cord. 

I’m not an independent traveller…I’ve never visited a country where they don’t speak English. 

I don’t juggle knives…heck, I don’t juggle at all. 

The most challenging thing I have ever done in my life was to become a parent, and even then I had back-up.

not taken with the Olympus Pen

I like stability, and knowing exactly what I am getting myself into.

I like putting down roots, and knowing my neighbourhood backwards and forwards.

I like being a part of a community, and knowing that what I am doing is worth it.

yay! one for the Olympus Pen

I belong to a goofy, fun family. No one else shares my hang-ups about change (obviously!) The girls aren’t going to worry about the future, and the darling husband enjoys charging ahead with a goal. The bottom line is that we all mean the world to each other, and that includes a lot of energy and respect, and (yes!) challenges. The same bond that means fun means togetherness, and the same bond that shows love also shows trust. It’s balance, respect and growth.

Right…now on to the next!

Yes, right behind you, hon…really!

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One Response to stick-in-the-mud

  1. del says:

    I’m very much the same. The only new things I’m willing to try regularly are food dishes. Other than that, I love my home and being in it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! :-)

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