tuesday morning

Temperature: – 33*C

Activity: tea drinking and casting on the Right Front of Elena’s sweater

She asked me when the sweater was likely to be done, and I told her March.  I probably should have said April.  Maybe around Easter, which is late this year, which is when it would probably be warm enough to go outside in just a sweater.  Right?  That makes sense.

Elena was actually very particular about the sweater shape, wanting it to go “straight down” and to be a zip front or buttons.  I found it difficult to find something for a girl in her age range that was not an A-line and did have closure all the way down the front.  I finally found a pattern for a cabled hoodie from Patons.  It’s really nice, and she picked out a rusty plum colour for the yarn.

I’m very happy about my progress on the sweater.   Mostly because I didn’t know how to cable before I started this project.  I’m also not sure what is going to happen when I get to the hood part, because the cables go up the sides and up the back of the hood.  (And I’ve never done a hood before.)  Needless to say, I’m planning on reading the instructions Very Carefully. 

And (also needless to say) I’m planning on drinking lots and lots of tea in my beautiful Norwegian Figgjo Flint cup from my wonderful aunt!

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4 Responses to tuesday morning

  1. Norseman says:

    Thanks for your comment – I love the Market pattern!

    I haven’t heard of Pekka, but I’m much less familiar with Finnish things…although I love them! Ha

  2. del says:

    What a cute cup! I’d love drinking tea from that.
    I’ve never knit a hood either, but I think so long as you read the pattern carefully, you should do fine! Best of luck.

  3. planetcoops says:

    I love the starting a new project part of knitting – and if I had to commit to a completion date, it could be March (2012, 2013, 2014 – take your pick!)

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