to show for it

I thought this sweater was a rusty plum, but now I know I was mistaken.  It’s much more of a lingonberry jam colour.

And the only reason I would know that is because of a lovely Scandinavian cookbook called Scandinavian Feasts, by Beatrice Ojakangas.  I made the lingonkage today, as well as the kardemommekage.  Cream, jam and cardamom.  Yum. 

Seriously, those Scandinavians don’t know how good they have it.  Cake baked with cream, I mean whipping cream, really, and after baking, covered with icing sugar!

I had it pretty good this week too.  I’m almost embarrassed to admit it, because it was so utterly selfish.  I spent the week puttering, doing not much more than the absolutely necessary of suppers, grocery shopping and web surfing.  The best part of being home this week was yesterday, when Sonja came running home at lunch.  The poor kid was a little distraught after having to cut up a cow eyeball in class.  She’s one of those kids who really don’t like skeletons, bodily fluids or internal organs.  So the bovine optical dissection (as her teacher put it) really didn’t sit well with her.  I got to put my full mommy-powers into gear, and tell her that am really proud of the effort that she put into doing something that was hard for her.  Totally proud.

The other thing I did this week is something that I’m not often asked to do…

but hey, all those mommy-powers come in handy now and then!

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1 Response to to show for it

  1. planetcoops says:

    What lovely cabling!
    We did haircuts at the weekend as well, but we had tears because it was an enforced haircut – Miss 7 just can’t brush the back properly so it turns into a carpet.

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