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Just so you know, that would be me.   I’m such a stick-in-the-mud, that my husband has resigned himself to dragging me, pushing me and challenging me into new situations.  I prefer all things reassuringly repetitive.  (I even love that phrase!) … Continue reading

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An addition to our collection (which now has a grand total of two — don’t laugh!) This was my Christmas present from the girls, and I love it. The Santa? He’s got a wee smile under that beard!

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still me

Just trying to embrace a little change in my life right now…so I’ll start with the blog, yes?

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Ok, so it’s still really cold.  And you can’t feel your face for the first five minutes.  But who can resist a good hill when you have an extra day off?  We’ve tried to take the dog on the sliders with us, but he … Continue reading

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cheese, please

“So, are you planning on eating all that cheese?  ‘Cause really, it looks like there is enough to share.  It smells pretty good from here.  Are you enjoying it?  ‘Cause it looks like it tastes pretty good.  Are you sure … Continue reading

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