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first pictureless post

mayonaise pickles ketchup but the pickles can’t touch the ketchup mayonaise pickles lettuce cheese mustard mayonaise cheese ketchup lettuce mayonaise cheese relish ketchup onions “It sounds like you’re running a restaurant, Mom!” Nope, just making lunches every morning.

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thursday 24

I made scones this morning before I went to work, and lest you think that I industriously got up at the crack of dawn to do this, let me reassure you that I only got to work at 10:30 a.m. … Continue reading

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what to do today

A long weekend that is full of the usual; it’s too cold to actually do anything outside, so there will be handwashing and baking… …knitting and playing.

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guest blogging

I’m going to be guest blogging on a semi-regular basis at the shop website. I love my job, gardening and the Canadian prairies, and now I get to let it all hang out. In a good way.

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next week

The dog and I have had lots of time to enjoy each other’s company these past two months, but it’s back to work next week.  I wish I could say that in those two months I have finished my knitting … Continue reading

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catchment and the like

  Here’s the kid, and here’s the problem. I mentioned that we bought a lot, and that I would have to hold my breath for two years.  That means two whole years of doing nothing but paying property taxes on a … Continue reading

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10 minute boots

My gorgeous boots, in a pile of snow.  That’s the dog’s tail, beside me.  (Well bred basset hounds have long white tips on their tails so they can easily be found in tall grass.  Yes, that has come in handy … Continue reading

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