land, trees, heartwood

I love this photo.

I had a moment with this tree, a moment where I was absolutely in love with the lake, the skies, the dirt path and the tree. It gave me a moment of wishing, though; a tear-filled heartache for the ones I loved (and would have loved) that are not here anymore. It was a breath-taking moment.

Did you know that trees have a heart? The very centre of the tree is called the heartwood. The other parts of the tree are almost unpronounceable, called phloem, xylem and cambium. And the study of tree rings is called dendochronology, just in case you wanted to know.

I attended a two day conference this week. The conference was an annual one of garden centres, suppliers, growers, and all “green” delegates of the prairies. The professionalism and collective knowledge that was encapsulated into that conference was amazing. There is always so much to learn, and these people love to share it. It reminds me, yet again, how very much I enjoy this industry.

I have always said that it is such a good thing that I work at a garden centre. It allows me to get all the trees and plants out of my system, so that I can be very choosy about what I take home to plant in my very small yard. That has always been a good thing, but now, there is something even better! A purchase of a brand new city lot was just completed, Chadd and I being the proud new owners. Now, not only do I get to design and plant a whole new yard (with a veg garden in the back!!!) we will have a brand new house to go with it! I just have to hold my breath for two more years, due to school catchment issues and frontage roads. But the lot is ours, and we are happy.

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One Response to land, trees, heartwood

  1. planetcoops says:

    Great news – that must make you very happy.
    That picture is really beautiful, and such blue sky!

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