10 minute boots

My gorgeous boots, in a pile of snow.  That’s the dog’s tail, beside me.  (Well bred basset hounds have long white tips on their tails so they can easily be found in tall grass.  Yes, that has come in handy once or twice, during our two months of summer.)

Three items of interest (I’m assuming that you are interested, really…) :

1.  Blondo boots are designed in Canada, and made of sheepskin.

2.  I rarely buy my own clothes, and these are no exception.

3.  These boots lace up in the back.

My husband loves style.  My husband loves keeping my feet warm.  My husband loves buying me clothes and footwear.

I love these boots, too.  They have been a success on every account.  Stylish, warm and woolly.  Tying up my boots makes me 10 minutes late for every outing, but Chadd can’t blame me, because he bought them.  Win/win.

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One Response to 10 minute boots

  1. Francesca says:

    That’s the kind of winter footgear I need, and I wouldn’t mind being late :)

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