catchment and the like


Here’s the kid, and here’s the problem.

I mentioned that we bought a lot, and that I would have to hold my breath for two years.  That means two whole years of doing nothing but paying property taxes on a vacant city lot that we can’t build on until 2013.

In the city here, we have a funny issue called catchment.  This is how it works:  every house in the city is assigned to a school.  Sometimes it is a school within walking distance, and sometimes it is a school that needs busing.  And sometimes, when you move, you are not allowed to stay in the same school that you have attended for the the last six years. 

This wasn’t a issue when we enrolled.  It couldn’t be, because we live across the street from the school.  And you wouldn’t think that a piece of property that is a ten minute walk from the school would be an issue, either, but if we want to keep the kid in her school, then it is an issue.

So, we have two years to get it all together, two years to plan.  We will not be breaking ground until 2013, which will also be the kid’s last year in this school, and the year I get my act together.

(Really?   I get to get my act together?  How exciting!  Somebody please remind me (in 2013) that I said that!)

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2 Responses to catchment and the like

  1. Francesca says:

    It doesn’t seem a very smart rule not to favor continuity when it comes to education!

  2. planetcoops says:

    Sounds like you have to play the ‘perfect timing’ game. We don’t often get that one right at our house!

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