thursday 24

I made scones this morning before I went to work, and lest you think that I industriously got up at the crack of dawn to do this, let me reassure you that I only got to work at 10:30 a.m.

The scones are my very favourite scone recipe ever, from the Joy of Cooking.  I found this treasure on-line many years ago, and I printed it out twice when I realized how good it was (just in case I lost one copy.)  Flour, butter, baking powder, sugar, vanilla and cream.  

I made a batch for my friend, who gave me yarn.  Two shopping bags full of leftover project yarn; some wool, some cotton, some acrylic, but some kind of wonderful for me!  I would detail what projects I’ve already assigned to a few skeins, but right now I’m still gloating.

I’m also still gloating (and perhaps still in shock) that I went clothes shopping last weekend, and came home with 4 sweaters, a belt, and a blouse.  The sweaters were plain without being bland, and I think I’m really going to like that belt.  The blouse was a score.  The shopping trip was entirely spontaneous, which was possibly why it was so successful.  My husband came along for moral support, and got a video game.

When Chadd isn’t playing his video game in the evenings, he’s being my personal trainer.  Before Christmas, I somewhat klutzily injured my right shoulder (playing air-hockey) and after it healed, I realized that I had lost considerable strength in my right hand.  Not pleasant, but I soon regained most of the strength by doing a weight-lifting session or two with him.  After that, I ignored the kettlebells for a week or so (not surprisingly, as I’m not a fitness enthusiast!) but then realized that I had lost the strength in my hand and arm again.  So I’m back to the ‘bells, but wouldn’t it be funny if this is something that has to become a permanent solution, just so I can open the peanut butter jar?!? 

I need my arms and my hands for my job.  A good upper body workout is a must.  For some reason, Chadd decided that my lower half needed some work, too (hello deadlifts), and as a result, I was very sore on Wednesday.  I spent my day at work moving cement blocks.  I was still very sore today (hello delayed recovery from deadlifts and cement blocks), and I spent my day moving more cement blocks…and table tops…and bales of peat moss…

I arrived home very dirty and sore.  I had every intention of taking a long shower, but was interupted half-way through, with the news that the dog had stepped in “something” outside, and was now tracking it all over the linoleum in the kitchen and the carpet in the living room.  He has big feet.

I spent about an hour cleaning up the mess.  My husband was alerted to the situation, and ordered to bring home Oxyclean for the carpet.  The darling man brought home tulips, too.  He knows it takes a dedicated woman to clean up that kind of mess on her hands and knees, and he appreciates it.

Here’s a picture to change the subject.

And so…

The first shipment of plants is arriving at the shop tomorrow.  We’ll be ready to start planting the baskets on Monday.  I get to see green and growing again, and pot up the plugs in the dirt.  Spring won’t be here for at least two months, but now I have some sweet tulips in the kitchen, too.  I’ll happily endure the rest of winter, because I’m back in the grove, and I love it.

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  1. planetcoops says:

    That’s the problem I have with exercise – you have to keep doing it! Oh dear, I just forget after a day or two. Still, your job sounds like it will keep you quite fit too.

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