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corner view ~ reflection

A couple of shots from our walk at the dog park early Sunday morning. Everything was still frozen solid, making the path much easier than it would have been later on in the day. The way the early sun reflected … Continue reading

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camping mode

We bought camping equipment on Sunday! A bigger tent!  It’s orange, and we can all fit in it now.  All at the same time, and the dog, too.  There is a little bump-out, just for him.  The other purchase was … Continue reading

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corner view ~ four-legged

Bassets are known for their ability to be comic relief. Serious people don’t own basset hounds. We just pretend to be serious. But we’re always up for some fun (or squirrels). Or just hanging out. More Corner View Here.

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smiley cereal

(Following blog post courtesy of Elena.) For this post my mom let me write it!  I took the picture, too. You might think I did it and your right, but I did it for my family and for our health. … Continue reading

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just a natural

It has taken me the last 13 years to realize just how much of a klutz I am. Before I was married, I thought it was normal to occassionally walk into walls. Not the whole wall, but just to ever … Continue reading

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i can see the ground again!

The snow is starting to melt!  It’s amazing how giddy I felt, just to see grass (brown, but whatever) again.  It actually started to rain yesterday. (You’ve heard of footprints in the sand, right?  Around here, we do things a … Continue reading

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corner view ~ communication

Family can’t seem to stop talking… Corner view from here.

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