smiley cereal

(Following blog post courtesy of Elena.)

For this post my mom let me write it!  I took the picture, too.

You might think I did it and your right, but I did it for my family and for our health. I saw on a T.V. show that kids like cereal more with cartoon characters on the cover of the box.  So I thought that if kids like it more like that, then it would help dad eat the bran buds.  It was really fun to do, and it worked with dad and his bran buds!  If the world does this with healthy cereal, it would be a happy breakfast! YUM!!!!!!!!

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2 Responses to smiley cereal

  1. Leslie says:

    WONDERFUL JOB, Elena! I think you must be a budding artist, and you’re certainly a natural for product marketing : )

  2. Francesca says:

    That’s so cute, I would totally eat those bran buds too!

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