HCA and other good stuff

I’m freezing. It’s still colder than it needs to be; rumour has is that spring will be a late one this year. I almost took a picture of my tulips in the new-fallen snow yesterday.

Weekends are always a bit random, but it was a good one. It was our annual Hans Christian Andersen celebration; this year, dinner theatre was The Swineherd. My mother-in-law is the only one with photographic evidence of my husband dancing with a fortune-teller on Saturday. Today was church; after, we dropped my bike at the bike shop for a tune-up. I’m also getting a rack and saddlebags for errands. (I’m very happy about that. It will be nice to use the Jeep less.) We detoured over to the local big box store and bought a bench for the front door. It may be a solution to the shoe problem, but I’m not holding my breath. Another detour, and I picked up a knitting book. Knitted Gifts by Ann Budd. Even my husband approved. Good stuff. Good weekend.

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1 Response to HCA and other good stuff

  1. planetcoops says:

    I laughed at your rows of shoes! We just spend ages telling the kids to leave a clear, shoe-free path from the door to the stairs.

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