hopeful gardener

They are predicting partially sunny skies for Sunday.  So far, this spring has been a repeat of last year, with wet and cloudy and cool being the rule instead of the exception. 

The allotment is so far still not planted or tilled, which would bother me more if it wasn’t still freezing (or close to) at night.  I’m getting a few repeat customers at the shop; the hopeful ones who already planted tomatoes and are now purchasing replacements. 

Last year, our garden had to be completely reseeded by mid-June.  This year, I’m hoping to only have to do it once. The plants that have already been purchased (pickling cucs, long english cucs, zuchinni, cabbage, and peppers) are cooling their heels in the carport. I will pick up tomatoes, but am still deciding which ones to try this year. I’m thinking Manitoba, Bison, Oxheart, Roma and Sweet Million. Manitoba is good for canning, Bison for eating, Oxheart for sauce, Roma for using as our “sundried” tomato, and Sweet Million for salads. Bison are rare, but produce well even in cold, wet conditions. It would be worth my saving the seeds if I could grow them at the shop.

There are not many things that I can’t buy at work, but red cabbage and kohlrabi have to be “sourced elsewhere.”  (Which means I get to visit the competition, and buy my jasmine plant as well.) 

I’ll finalize my list tonight, and tomorrow I’ll stockpile the rest of the plants under a bench at work.  Hopefully, I’ll have all my pots done by Tuesday, and the allotment tilled by the end of the week.  And I can hope the weather warms up, and hope the rain holds off, and hope that we still have the plants in stock that I forgot to pick up for my sister-in-law…

Here’s hoping!

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3 Responses to hopeful gardener

  1. Victoria says:

    So much deliciousness in your garden! Sigh…. that is the bad thing about living up here, we are so limited in what we can plant. But Im saving for a decent green house so maybe next year!

  2. planetcoops says:

    I’ve heard great reviews for Roma tomatoes, even just for eating. I haven’t been very adventurous in my varieties so far. I think our frosts have well and truly gone here now, so I’m planting out as fast as I can! I hope your frosts are finished as well, so you only have to plant out the once.

  3. Francesca says:

    I understand the frustration and the hope. We’ve had a series of terrible springs in the past years, but this year things look very good. I grow oxheart, my favorite tomatoes, grape, which are far better than cherry tomato in my opinion, and san marzano for sauce. Happy gardening!

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