back then

I heard last night on the news that the famous Mark Zuckerberg (of Facebook fame, of course) has decided to go on a new diet. He is only going to eat what he kills.

Sigh.  I get it, but I don’t get it.

This is a photo of my handsome (and single) younger brother.  He knows just as well as I do how to kill for food.  That’s my sweet nephew, who unless he goes on a hunting trip with grandpa, will probably never learn how to kill his own food.

Mark Zuckerburg didn’t send out a press release stating that he was going to take up hunting as his new hobby, because he’s not hunting, yet.  He’s actually just doing it one animal at a time, and eating the whole thing. He claims he went into the process with the idea to be thankful for what he has to eat.  To make the connection between the animal and the meat. 

I get this, because I’m a farm kid raising city kids.  I remember very clearly that moment when Sonja realized that pork was pig, and refused to eat it.  I remember my frustration over that episode.  I actually had to explain that chicken was a chicken, and milk came from cows, and so did hamburger. 

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that experiences aren’t shared. 

Just the same as realizing that my kids will probably never know the sweet, hot scent that comes from wild plum blossoms on a still, sunny day in June.  They have entirely different points of reference, and stories from my childhood of butchering chickens and cows will never fascinate them. It’s funny to think back and realize that my only regret growing up on the farm was that I never did learn how to milk a cow.

Sigh.  Go Mark Go!

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2 Responses to back then

  1. Francesca says:

    My wish is to be able to say one day that I eat only what a grow.

  2. Victoria says:

    I am actually living the opposite life, Im a more or less city girl living now in the country and trying to raise my boys with cows, chickens and potatoes. I always wanted a farm when growing up so this is very exciting for us. Anyway, yes your brother is handsome! And Im not sure who this Mark is but I suppose its a controversial and challenging idea!

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