all good things

I was looking forward to Sunday sooo much.  Sunday meant Father’s Day, but it also meant a day where all I had to do was what I wanted to do. 

The Friday night birthday/sleepover party with seven girls would be done, and the Saturday afternoon family party would also be done.  

I tend to stress when faced with the prospect of entertaining.  I shouldn’t, but I’m worried about the house and the food and forgetting to buy napkins.  With a “kid” party, the stress goes up a notch:  Will it be fun?  Cool? 

And of course it was all good.  Great, even.  We took Elena’s friends to the YMCA and played in the pool for over two hours, then on the two storey playstructure until it was time to go home and watch movies and stay up all night.  She ended up taking a nap in the afternoon before the family party, where we ate good food and drank good wine in the shade of the carport. 

We had to turf the stragglers at 10:00 so that we could pick up Sonja at the airport.  I slept so well that night!  All my family home, safe and sound under our roof.  We had to wait until she woke up (at noon) the next day to give Chadd his Father’s Day present:  A SodaStream!  (What can I say…it’s a gadget with levers that makes soda.  Too cool.)

The rest of Sunday was spent in the garden; the front garden, back garden and vegetable garden.  With the clear blue skies and warm sun, it all ended as a completely wonderful weekend.

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2 Responses to all good things

  1. Francesca says:

    that’s an interesting soda stream in your picture!:) hope the school trip to la belle provence was fun too.

  2. planetcoops says:

    It’s great to have parties and gatherings, but I do love that ‘It’s all over, and didn’t it go well!’ feeling. Having sunshine and all your family back together again. Lovely.

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