night scenes

We had to park the car a fair distance from the location where the Canada Day fireworks would be taking place. Chadd decided to park in the neighbourhood of St. Boniface, and walk down Avenue Tache to the Forks. This area is Winnipeg’s French Quarter, and it has special by-laws that require all street signs are in French first, English second.  Obviously, Elena approves.

Part of Avenue Tache was closed off to traffic that night, and opened to pedestrians.  It was lovely to saunter down the middle of the avenue at ten o’clock at night!  The street vendors were out in full force, too.  Chadd stopped to warn the two guys sitting under the lamp post that one of the light covers was rolling precariously, and looked like it was about to tip off!  (They decided to take their chances, and didn’t move.)

The Esplanade Riel was packed with a whole bunch of patriotic people, some who decided to stay on the bridge for a great view of the fireworks over the river.  The restaurant on the bridge was open, too.  Point of pride, I suppose,  that the restaurant on the bridge is one of the few in the world.  Unfortunately, it’s a Salisbury House; and while uniquely Manitoban, the food is just regular diner fare.   

We came across an interesting bike.  Love the light at the back!

Finally arriving at the Oodena Celebration Circle, we stood waiting for the skyward action to begin!  Applause broke out at the first colourful burst…

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