hammock envy

Last weekend, we were camping again.  It was interesting to come home on Sunday night, to realize that we would be back at the Lakeshore campsite by Friday.  We didn’t “unpack” much, just washed up the kitchen supplies and restocked the essentials (peanut butter, jam, ketchup, maple syrup, butter, beer) and did some laundry. 

While camping in the extreme heat of the first weekend, Chadd came to the inevitable conclusion that he needed a hammock.  I don’t know how we ever camped without one.  Here’s proof:

We improvised an awesome strap system to attach the hammock to a couple of trees.  Everyone had a chance to try it out.

Please note the flannel jammies, socks and the wool sweater!  For some reason, July decided to turn down the thermostat that weekend, and the first evening and next day were unbelievably cool.  The temperatures were definitely wool-worthy, but we were prepared. 

Still, it was quite cozy if you could ignore the cool breezes flowing underneath…a hammock is definitely a warm weather contraption!  And just because I need to brag, yes, that is the sweater that I started for Elena back in January.  The one that she hoped would be done by March.  Even though it took until June, I declare that sweater to be an absolute triumph; hood, cables, zipper and all. She was so happy to wear it that weekend!

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