to the top of the world and back

I am without coffee.  This is a direct result of leaving the coffee perk plugged in while we went camping.  Ironically enough, we used the french press when we were camping, but it’s just not good enough for home.

What to do when the weather is too cold for the beach?  Find a great hiking trail; not hard as Falcon Lake is full of them.  It was a really great but short hike, only 4 kilometers in and back.  Upside?  We were flanked by blueberry bushes along the entire way. 


It was so beautiful, in that particular woodsy Whiteshell kind of way.  Love it, but then I’m very partial to grass, rock and pine trees!

We kept an eye out for bears and deer, but the trail is fairly well frequented.   It is a bit rocky in places, so we let the dog go off leash.  He was much more sure-footed that way, as the path was not on level ground and he did a few faceplants while on the leash.  We tied him to a tree when we got to the top of the world, as we didn’t want him near the edge of the cliff.

We were pretty cautious, too.  Those are massive boulders down there that had sheared off the side of the cliff into a jumble of rocks. We could see just a small section of the service road; but the best part is the amazing view is of the entire lake. 

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4 Responses to to the top of the world and back

  1. Francesca says:

    I travel (abroad) with my espresso pot – it’s really the only coffee I like!

  2. malo says:

    Looks like a great hike. Fifth photo with your amazing dog up in the right corner made me smile. He’s wondering whats keeping you :-)

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