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i love camping

It was a wonderful weekend, but at first I wasn’t sure if we were even going to leave on Friday. The weather forecast was calling for thunderstorms all night, and I had no desire to set up a brand new … Continue reading

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and off we went

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summer, it is

The weather has us all kind of stupified.  It’s gorgeous; bright and sunny, warm and breezy.  It’s summer weather of the utmost.  This is what we haven’t had for the last two years. It has created the kind of days … Continue reading

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I can never decide if I enjoy cut flowers more, or leaving them in the beds to admire every time I look out the window or weed the front garden!  I planted a whole bunch of tulips in the fall, and … Continue reading

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night scenes

We had to park the car a fair distance from the location where the Canada Day fireworks would be taking place. Chadd decided to park in the neighbourhood of St. Boniface, and walk down Avenue Tache to the Forks. This area is Winnipeg’s … Continue reading

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At the end of a good couple of days at the ballpark, and a really gorgeous evening.  During their first game on Saturday, Elena was covering third base.  She threw the runner out at first.  It was an amazing moment.

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fireworks and the rest of it

So much has happened in the last two weeks. How to document? Paragraphs? Numbered lists (but then what comes first?) Random bullets? Or whatever pops into my head (we have a winner!) Random #1 We celebrated. I made the infamous … Continue reading

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