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corner view ~ change

I think I have to use caterpillars, and nature in general to remind myself that change is a good thing. 

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it’s out there

This end of summer thing is being felt more so than usual, and I’m not sure why.  Could it be because of this incredibly, unusually hot weather?  The lack of rain that made things like gardening and being outside feel like … Continue reading

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motivation and procrastination

Is today the type of day that would have been just that much better if it would have started with coffee? Note to self:  tasks accomplished with the assistance of child labour are completed much quicker.  And have that cup … Continue reading

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organizing august

Shoot. Summer always does this to me; sneaking away quicker than I planned.  Those plants that looked so small and newly planted in the pots have exploded into a colourful profusion; they were kept watered by the bucketfuls.  The vine … Continue reading

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highs and lows

Life never stays still, yes?  The famous quote comes to mind:  And this too shall pass. On the upside, I am very, very pleased that I have finished my first sock and have started the second one.  I am now … Continue reading

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International Peace Garden

We visited the International Peace Garden last week, while taking Sonja to her Legion Athletic Camp.  The Peace Garden is unique in that it is situated on the border of Canada and the United States. Elena wanted to stand with one foot on the … Continue reading

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here and now

This an inuksuk that we came across on our hike while camping last month. Just thinking about those who cross our path on this road of life. And those who walk at our side.

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