back to not-quite-normal

I am always so proud of our wonderful week of performances at the Scandinavian pavilion for Folklorama, but I am also happy to get back into the normal I left behind over a week ago!

Back to the garden and more pickles, back to weeding and some clean up.  There is laundry to keep me busy, and bills to pay.  New knitting projects and a baby quilt I really want to finish.  Back at work, too.

There is that sigh of relief as I gravitate back to the familiar, but I’m still feeling unsettled.  We took a 8 hour road trip on Sunday to drop Sonja off at volleyball camp; and I’m realizing that my world has tipped a bit, and will likely continue to be off-balance for a while yet!

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One Response to back to not-quite-normal

  1. Francesca says:

    what are those gorgeous flowers? I always feel like our life is not quite back to normal, and there’s always something going on …

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