highs and lows

Life never stays still, yes?  The famous quote comes to mind:  And this too shall pass.

On the upside, I am very, very pleased that I have finished my first sock and have started the second one.  I am now a big fan of Nancy Bush.  I am not sure why I have heard that once the first sock is done, the second is a drag to complete.  I’m really looking forward to the pair, and making the second one even better than the first.  Also on the upside, we pick Elena up from church camp tomorrow.  Sonja will be happy, because she hasn’t enjoyed this week all to herself.  Lonely and feeling a bit out of sorts.  And I understand completely.  It’s not the same with out both my girls.  And, because I planned it this way a very long time ago, Sonja will be heading out to camp on Sunday!  Hopefully, by the time they are both back under the same roof, they will be so pleased to be in each other’s company, that peace will reign in the Rempel household!

The garden is doing what it can, the tomatoes are still good and the corn is coming along.  The cabbage is almost ready, and there is still plenty of kale.  I have discovered that I love kale.  Raw, with just olive oil and salt, or with Chadd’s amazing balsamic dressing.  There has been no rain this summer, so I am happy with what we are able to harvest.  The beets and carrots are still growing as well, but I should start cleaning up soon.

I biked home from work yesterday and it was wonderful (I had a tail wind!)

And now for the downside.

I’m processing the passing of a friend of mine.  He and I worked together at the shop for a few years.  He was such a good guy, helpful and thoughtful and nice.  He had gone swimming at the lake Sunday morning, and never came back.  They found his body yesterday.  He was young and free-spirited and I’m not asking WHY, because I know it just IS; but still, the process is hard and I’m still quite upset and out of sorts.  This life of ours, we live it.  We just do.  Sometimes we smile, and sometimes…

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2 Responses to highs and lows

  1. planetcoops says:

    Sorry to hear about your friend.
    Hopefully you can still enjoy all the good.

  2. Francesca says:

    I’m so sorry about your friend.
    I hope you have a peaceful weekend, with our family all together. Baci.

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