organizing august


Summer always does this to me; sneaking away quicker than I planned.  Those plants that looked so small and newly planted in the pots have exploded into a colourful profusion; they were kept watered by the bucketfuls.  The vine on the back of the house is gorgeous and lush now, the nicest it’s ever looked.  I even pruned it back from our second storey bedroom window.  It was peeking in at first, and then trying to grow over the window. 

And now it’s back to school shopping, more evidence that summer is on its way out.  Elena and I took a shopping trip today for the school supplies she needed.  Finally, a year where I only have to pick up a few things!  We were able to re-use so many supplies this year, it was only erasers and highlighters and a calculator on the shopping list.  All four of the dictionaries are still the same from last year, (the french illustrated, the french/english, the english and the french verb) so I won’t have to hunt around for those, either.  Sonja doesn’t have a list, so we will purchase the basics, and then the requirements as needed.  I feel like I’ve been let off the hook!

The weather still feels like summer today; scorching hot and bright.  Thank goodness for air conditioning; but that has presented its own set of problems this summer.  That saga will continue after I talk to the insurance adjuster!

Two more days of work this week, and Sonja will be back on Friday; then it will feel even more like August has gotten away from me.  I think I have to promise myself that I won’t schedule back to back to back camps for the girls next summer!  Next year, they will each only get one camp, and that will be quite sufficient for me!

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2 Responses to organizing august

  1. Francesca says:

    I know, what happened to those relaxing summers when hours and days and time in general just lingered on? We have one dictionary on our school supply list: Latin – so awesome to learn a classical language (and I don’t think I’ll ever tell my son how much I hated it :))

  2. planetcoops says:

    It just goes so fast! We went out and bought new school shoes at the weekend. We’re just hoping for the last week and a half to be nice weather.

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