I’ve been doing some very labour intensive work around the house these past few days, which has left me sore in the the back, knees and hands. 

The best feeling is rewarding myself with some knitting before and after all that hard manual stuff!  My second pair of socks, knit in what I think is an absolutely hideous colourway, but was only 79 cents a ball, is a very nice to work with yarn and very good pattern.  The ribbing makes for a snug sock, and the heel fits well.  I can highly, highly recommend Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush. 

I have enough for two more pairs, and I’ve already picked out the pattern for the next pair.  I’m interested to see how self-striping yarn knits up when doing a pattern other than rib.  I’m also happy to have an easy project to tackle while sitting in the metal chairs at the swimming pool twice a week!


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2 Responses to reward

  1. del says:

    The sock looks great! Hey, you can’t beat 79 cents a ball. And I agree, socks are the perfect waiting-around project. Good job.

  2. planetcoops says:

    How lovely! Mine so far are mostly stocking stitch (yes, the second pair has been started, patience is obviously not my strong suit). I’ve added that book to my Amazon wish list, so my socks should get more interesting soon.

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