why september is just great

When I was a kid, summer on the farm always felt so loooooonnggg.  The summer days all blurred into each other, with weeks of reading books unearthed from my Grannie’s basement, and picking peas, beans, corn, carrots and all the other aspects of preserving and canning.  When it started getting cooler, we would go for walks through the bush with the dogs and come upon patches of golden rod and purple asters, and I would be so happy that the start of school was just around the corner.  (Those are still my two favourite fall flowers, to this day.)

This start of the school year for our girls has been more interesting than those past.  Sonja started grade 9 this year, and a whole new school.  A new direction to head off in — literally — as she goes out the back door and bikes down the side street.  (When I saw her do that yesterday, it surprised me so much that I almost called out, “You’re going the wrong way!”)    Semester system, new classes (Spanish! my kid will be tri-lingual!) and new friends, too. Elena, on the other hand, is cool and confident in grade 6. 

For me, I can always count on September for that fresh new start.  I finally get around to projects that I thought would be accomplished in the summer (restaining the carport!) and getting set to tackle larger jobs around the house.  We finally bought that two storey ladder yesterday, and arranged for a new storm door today.

Added bonus?  Chadd and I celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary this month!

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3 Responses to why september is just great

  1. planetcoops says:

    I love that new start feeling.
    Happy Anniversary!

  2. del says:

    I love September, too. It just screams autumn.

    Happy Anniversary in advance!

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