snippets and memory lane

It seems that the memories are stored on my husband’s computer! All the photos here are from a time before the blog’s existence; also before we got the fancy Olympus Pen camera.

In the dead of winter…on the front lawn.  Elena would always insist that no more flower beds be dug into the front lawn so that she would have enough room on top of grass for a quinzee in the winter.  A quinzee big enough for her and the dog.  This is not a picture of Elena, though…and the only reason I know this is because those are Sonja’s boots.

One of our first camping trips after I deemed the children old enough to camp.  The original, disastrous one was when Elena was two years old.  Let’s just say that we weren’t prepared and that tears were shed.  It took me a long time to recover from that camping episode.

At my dad’s.  She’s been driving that thing for many summers.  It was just a few months later that she donated 10 inches of her hair before the start of grade seven.

A quilt I made for a neighbour baby many, many, many moons ago.  Inspired by a blog called Creative Little Daisy, which I don’t read anymore.  She’s a great DIYer.  I am not.  Same reason I don’t read a lot of quilting blogs anymore.  Now, I’m all about sticks and string.  (But I do have one more quilt to finish!)

Elena in her tap shoes.  She gave up tap for swimming, but ahem!  Just look at those gorgeous legs and slender ankles.  She doesn’t have mommy to thank for those…!

(Brace yourself…there is more where these came from…and I’m enjoying this little trip down memory lane!)

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3 Responses to snippets and memory lane

  1. Francesca says:

    lovely! I see most of our old digital photos as a slide show when the “sleep mode” kicks in on my laptop. I hope one day to have a printer for photos.

  2. planetcoops says:

    That’s why I love photos, an instant hit of memories.
    It’s a good idea to store them in more than one place, though. We once lost a whole load of a friend’s wedding photos when our computer gave up working. Now we keep them all over the place, and make sure we get the best ones printed every couple of years.

  3. del says:

    I love looking at old pictures so I get what you’re feeling. I miss my daughter’s dance days…

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